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Same Quality - New Name

Towmaster is a brand that has earned a reputation for top-tier quality trailers and truck bodies. We service the professional haulers and professional road crews with our line of products. This has been the case for decades with our trailers and now over a decade for our trucks.

In 2017, Monroe Truck Equipment purchased Towmaster, creating a new name in Monroe Towmaster (LLC). While the corporate name has changed, our brands and quality have not. In fact, the same employees who built your top-tier Towmaster trailer or truck body before, are continuing to build them now. Our commitment to our customers is the same, our commitment to producing long-lasting durable products is the same, and our location is the same. What will be different is we are growing our brands and expanding our markets. This means you can trust us to be around for the long haul, ensuring that when you invest your dollars into a Towmaster built product, we will back it and take care of our customers for years to come.


State and Local Chambers of Commerce

We believe in the importance of a unified business voice both locally and statewide. We are members of the Minnesota State Chamber of Commerce as well as our local Litchfield Area Chamber of Commerce. We support our local business community to help create a fair, positive and growing business environment.

Community Events

Monroe Towmaster is deeply involved with our local community. Our employees live here, raise families here, shop here, and entertain here. Not only does Monroe Towmaster sponsor many community events, but our employees become involved as well. It's a community pride we have always had.

Customer Loyalty

Our dealers and end users become part of the Towmaster community. With excellent resale value and hundreds of dealer locations nationwide, your investment in a Towmaster product continues to build the brand. This means we can continue to bring long-lasting, top-tier quality products we are proud to build and you can be proud to own. It's not just a trailer or truck body, it's a Towmaster! 


Towmaster trailers are available in several styles including deck-over, drop-deck, tilt-bed, hydraulic tail, dump body, hydraulic detachable gooseneck, and more. Capacities range from 3,500 to 120,000 lbs. Our largest markets include rental and construction.

Towmaster Truck Equipment is our truck body manufacturing and installation division. We build plow truck bodies, contractor bodies, and service bodies for the municipality market within Minnesota and surrounding state border counties.

"America's Best Built Trailers For Professional Haulers"

"Where Craftsmanship, Service, and Expertise Means Value To You"


Monroe Towmaster is an equal opportunity employer. We have over 160 full-time people and offer satisfying careers in manufacturing, engineering, administration, and more. Positions are open right now.  Learn more or apply by clicking the links below.

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Monroe Towmaster, LLC.

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